Thursday, March 11, 2010

Art, Letters, & Fun

The kids had fun at the Art Table today. They made a lot of water color/crayon resist paintings. I was busy getting the water colors, Water, and cleaning up spills, so I couldn't get anymore photos beside the first one. It was a totally kid directed project and I just followed their lead this morning, bringing out more paper, paint, rags, and crayons. It was a nice way to start our day. Especially since some of us were a little prickly today, and meltdowns were coming fast and furious today. (I hope no one is getting sick)

We set the Sensory Table up with Water Play today... Always a favorite.

The Circle Time Center is always a favorite during Free Play. The kids pretend to be the Teacher and go through our whole Calendar Routine. I love watching it. (especially when they pretend to be me... they have really go me down now)

This is a mat and puzzle board book set I got from a Mom last year. I like to take it out every once in a while to let the kids play, read, and put the books together to make the puzzle. We read the Ww book, "Bert Wonders Why." We got to see LOTS of Ww words and picked our favorites... Whale, Whiskers, Why, Window, Work, Web & Wag

Our Mat made the perfect Picnic Blanket too... so an impromptu picnic was had :)

This is the work we had out on the table and even the littlest guys love it. The 3's & 4's have no problem identifying where each piece of clothing goes, but the almost 2 yr old loves it too and will bring me (by the hand) and want me to help her with it.

This work is clouds with a letter and picture on it. The kids take the little raindrop pictures and match the beginning sounds. I got both of these activities from Kidssoup.

The pre-kindergartners have no problem with this activitiy, but the others just identify all the pictures. When I work with the 4's they enjoy it and understand it, but they don't have the focus to complete the activity on their own yet. Which is fine.
So, we had a busy, fun filled day!!! We also got to go outside to ride bikes. It was gray and cloudy, but it was very mild and the kids LOVED the puddles :)


  1. My favorite pictures are the ones when the kids are playing in dress up clothes !

  2. OMGoodness! I had the very same set of Sesame Street books and mat when I taught! I first purchased it for my son and then used it in my classroom...funny how that happens, uh? ;) I didn't know it was still being published!

    I also LOVE pictures of classrooms and the kids that "live" there! haha Your classroom is wonderful, bright and fun! Glad to have found You!