Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Birthday Celebration

It's Birthday Time again!! What a great way to start off our week. We are starting to get into the 5th year for some of these kids... My how the time flies!!! Our Birthday Helper got to tell all about his Special Birthday at home, then he led Circle Time today (always a favorite!!). After Circle we made cupcakes which will be used for our Snack time today and we will sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!!!

In addition to celebrating, we introduced the letter Ww. We will be talking about Weather this week. Today we talked about the different types of weather there is and read books about Rain. It is very windy out today, and I had planned for us to read books on Wind, but my own precious children moved my Windy books... how I love my children :). This week I will set out on the tables some color matching games, a weather matching game where they had to put the appropriate cloths on the correct picture (rainy, sunny, snowy) and we will be using straws to create "windy" pictures with paint and the air we blow through the straw. We also may blow bubbles on coffee filters and see what happens. I think I saw that on Annie's Alphabet Home Childcare... I will have to double check. We look forward to all that fun!!!
We went outside today... how beautiful it was. This morning is was already in the 50's, so we got out there and played in the beautiful sunshine!! This afternoon will be even warmer... I can't wait. I am counting on the March... In like a lion, Out like a lamb... saying!!! I am just hoping the lamb part is starting now :)

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  1. love to see all of the children in the photos. I like the using of straw idea, do you know I saw one of my students is using a bend-able straw upside-down, so he can finish his juice perfectly from the bottle :)