Friday, March 26, 2010


Friday is my favorite day... I know you all think it is because the weekend stretches before me, and the first time I said, "Friday is my favorite day" that was the reason why. Now, though, it is because the kids know it is my favorite day, and they count the days until we get there, they know the word pretty much where ever it is printed, and the joy they get from reminding me that "Today IS Friday" with a fit of giggles, laughter and much rolling and jumping!!! THAT is the real reason I love Friday!!!

I love this photo. It shows the need for that little spot of solitude kids need from time to time. It never seems to be for long, and they don't want to be to far from the action, but they still need it. My friend here spent quite sometime just rolling that rolling pin back and forth and seeing the designs it made in the sand. She didn't even notice me standing there at all.

Learning through play... need I say more??

Ok, a story behind this photo. The easel is pushed up on the side of the room, near our Art Center and I leave the paint out most of the day... Little Miss M LOVES the easel!! She also will USUALLY ask for her smock. Today, her and her little friend N, decided that it would be a lot of fun to paint without a smock!! I sooooo wish I could have gotten my camera before they moved, but just like a Toddler, they never stay still very long. This is the picture that they created together. They were so proud of themselves, when I called their names, they turned to me, and at first they weren't sure how I would react... but needless to say, Miss Michelle is usually a push over for any creative, messy projects. Soon a huge grin broke out on their faces and they turned and finished their painting... together. They were a little messy, a little sticky, but, Oh did they have fun. Another example of Process over Product!! They could care less about the outcome or the picture that I hung up... they just immersed themselves into the paint, brushes and the feeling of paint on paper (and themselves :) )
After Little Miss M got all cleaned up, she promptly walked back into the room and started another painting... Oh No, I think I've created an Artist. Sorry about the paint Mom!! I just couldn't disturb her, she was sooooo content and focused.

We have been working on the letter Ee this week... I had this Elephant game from a long time ago. There is a fan in the elephant and she (the fan) blows all sorts of colored butterfly's from her trunk. The kids each have a colored net to catch "their" color butterfly. In theory it is a great game!! A lot of action and movement, BUT... the fan is sooo not strong enough to get all those butterfly's out the long trunk. Now, I have had this toy for over 2 years and today was the first day (after much waiting and frustration on the kids part) I thought about cutting the trunk down a little. WELL... let me tell you, what a difference!!! Those butterfly's were flying everywhere!!!! Why didn't I think of this 2 years ago??

Have a Great Friday!!!


  1. This week...I'm just very happy it's Friday.
    Ok, so I've had that game for about 6-7 years, and have been so frustrated with it that it doesn't even leave the shelf anymore! How much did you cut off???
    You are just full of pointers for me this week!!!

  2. I have had that same problem. Great thinking Michelle!