Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outside Time

Going outside in the winter can sometimes, I mean most of the time, be a chore. The wet ground, the mud, cold, rain, and wind will set us over the edge on some days. The kids love being outside, but some of them can't have their hands dirty, or the bottom of their pants wet. So, in the winter we tend to take walks, run out front where we can ride bikes and be on the pavement where the mud does not abound. I am glad to see Old Man Winter take a break and send in Sweet, Sweet Spring!!!

Today was one of those days I am soooooo happy to be a Family Childcare Provider. It was 65 degree's out by 10am!!! We cleaned up from our Free Play Time, had a quick Circle Time... and OUTSIDE we went!! We cleaned up some of the older toys, spent a lot of time swinging (since our hands didn't get cold from holding on to the chain), dug in the sandbox (which made me notice we need some sand), and ran around playing with everything. We took our coats off and when some friends came to play, the kids played "freeze tag." I love Spring :) and I love the ability to just play when the time seems right.

Rain is on our way tomorrow, so we will have more than enough time to finish all our projects that we have left to do. And maybe we will get that Ww sound down. It is has been very easy to say Ww sounds like da, da, da... instead of wa, wa,wa.... They hear the D sound when they pronounce the letter, and it confuses some of them at first. I will continue to work on it with them, but for now we will enjoy the Weather and play, play, play!!!


  1. Flexibility IS a wonderful thing about FCC. I hope your kiddos had fun today !

  2. I'm so jealous!!! It's going to be weeks before we get to that point. Actually, I guess we are hoping it will be weeks. We want a nice, slow melt so we don't have flooding issues again this year. But it is just a miserable chore taking them out right now!
    On the other hand, it makes me very sad that there are far too many kids in this area who don't get to experience the cold and snow and losing their boot in a snowbank...because their daycare providers and parents don't take them outside in the winter. Heard this twice yesterday alone...once from a parent and once from a provider.

  3. I'm glad you're getting them outside, Michelle!

    We don't get as cold as you guys, but I'll bet we get way more rain. I've now convinced our parent community at our that we MUST play outside for at least 45 minutes every day (most of them didn't require much convincing) no matter what the weather. So they're all bringing their rain gear to school every day and we're getting out there no matter what. It's so great to get them outdoors as often as possible. There are so many health and educational benefits to being outside.