Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

We welcomed March today. It's nice knowing that Spring is just right around the corner. Although, I must reconcile myself to the fact that In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb is probably how this month will play out. A few more weeks of cold, blustery weather is not what I want, but if that is what it will take to get to the warm stuff at the end of the month, then so be it.

We started our morning off with this book I found this week at Barnes & Noble. I wanted a book to extend our Letter Ll theme, and something that related to the Lion/Lamb theme. This book is wonderful. "Library Lion" by Michelle Knudsen. It is about a Lion that wanders into the Library and makes himself comfortable. One of the workers, Mr. McBee, feels that Lions don't belong in the Library. Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, feels if the lion is following the rules, he can stay. Which he does, he especially loves story hour. He becomes a help to Miss Merriweather. One thing not allowed in the library is Roaring. And when Miss Merriweather falls down, breaks an arm, and needs help... the lion tries to get Mr. McBee to come and help and has to Roar to het him to help Miss Merriweather. Then the lion feels he has to leave the library because he broke the rules. Everyone is sad when the Lion doesn't come back, even Mr. McBee. Miss Merriweather states that sometimes it's Ok to break the rules, and Mr. McBee goes and finds the Lion to let him know he is missed at the Library, by everyone, especially Miss Merriweather. It is a feel good book, with a wonderful feel good ending... yes, I even got choked up at the end. I LOVE BOOKS!!!

We began our Lion Heads... we painted and glued on his mane today.
Tomorrow we will finish the face.
Then we got to spend some time outside in the front yard. We usually spend the majority of time in the backyard, but I like to switch it up sometimes to keep the kids interested :) We had a ball riding bikes, decorating coups, and running, running, running!!!

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss's Birthday!! We will enjoy many Dr. Seuss Books, some Green Eggs & Ham for Breakfast, and making some Oobleck with Bartholomew and Oobleck.
It will be a Fun Filled, Silly Day :)
Lunch today was Pasta & Meatballs (special veggie infused meatballs) with Pink Sauce, crackers, oranges, and Milk


  1. Excited to see how the lion heads turn out. I am having in Like a Lion and out like a lamb theme next week!

  2. I can imagine the children's face when they were listening to your story, it's just mine.
    The "oohhhhh..." Face, the "touching my heart" face. I love the story, never read it before, and love the lion head too :)

  3. Fun day. I too LOVE books. It is so cool when as a teacher you read a children's book and it touches your heart. It think that means in some way you still have the innocence of a child.