Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Art Experience


Whatever you call it, children need it!! They must have opportunities to create just to create. They need to be exposed to as many materials and rick-rack as they can be. To feel the stickiness of a glue stick when it is first opened, and the stickiness of a glue stick when it is almost dried out. Feeling what it is like to have Elmer's Glue dry on the palm of your hand and then peel it off. Will a glue stick be enough to glue pom-poms to a hat?? For some it might, those who put a lot on :)

In our art center we have paper, recyclables, stickers, pens, crayons, glue, glue sticks, chalk, scissors, markers, glitter glue, rick-rack, and anything I can think of for them to use, and is safe for a 20 mth old. They came up with these hats yesterday!!

This little guy started it off and the others followed. They discussed, cut, glued, colored and decided what to play when they finished. There was a Princess, a Birthday Boy (his birthday is Monday), and a Fairy. They wore them inside and outside. They showed the School Ager's when they came home from school, who were appropriately Amazed on how GREAT they came out!!
Having the opportunity to create freely is so beneficial for young children. It provides them room to explore, take risks, use their senses, learn new ideas, expand on old ideas, practice language, make decisions, problem solve... I could go on and on. It gets messy, it gets sticky, and sometimes it even stains... but the look on those little faces when they finish their creation is priceless!!
Young Children should have the opportunity EVERYDAY to do open-ended art activities. To create something that represents their uniqueness and individuality. To immerse themselves in projects that are perfect for their developmental stage, because they are doing it themselves. From the first idea to the last dab of glue. It is all them!!!

So, open up or create an art area!! Don't worry about the mess, or take it outside... but give them the ability to create for creations sake. Buy enough glue, pom-poms (1 kid can use 100 sometimes), finger paint, q-tips... stock up on toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, cotton balls, pudding cups, Styrofoam... Go for a nature walk, see what you can find, it doesn't have to be expensive... then put it all out and you will be amazed!!!


  1. Great post! And perfect timing! The kids here are really not interested in the art table right now, and so I'm thinking that I need to do some rethinking there. I feel that if the kids are not utilizing an area, than there is something that I need to fix. Or it could just be that the kids have all been sick this month. do you have your art center set up? Do you have all these items available all the time, or do you rotate these by theme or some other method?

  2. You 're right, a good playbased learning method. Take a walk to find some inspirations.
    I Have to Be spontanously. Thx for sharing :)