Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friends + Water + Dirt = MUD!!!

I had planned on writing about all we did this morning... our trip to the local partnership for a Family Child Care Playgroup (lots of fun!!), our planned morning work (which we never got to) and some new routines we've implemented... but instead, I'm going to talk about MUD!!! Such a simple subject, in which, most adults hate it, most kids love it.

We played this morning, had our breakfast, made our way to our new playgroup, and came home. We quickly HAD to have snack, since a morning playing in a different place, with different kids, made us famished!!! Then we started to have some quiet play inside... I was going to introduce a new Chick Game I recently found from the blog, Tired, Need Sleep. Have some open ended art activities out, and finish some of our letter Ee work... but... the sun was shining, their was a slight breeze in the air and the kids were looking out the family room window talking about who knows what, but feverishly talking they were!!! Ok, I get it... lets go out!!

I wanted to grab some equipment to make up some quick stations outside, an idea I got from Linda over at Toddler Tale Daze (Thanks Linda!!), but the kids had their coats, socks and boots on before I could get my own shoes on. So, I decided that they would be fine with what is outside... :) They were fine alright, more than fine!!!

They didn't need arts & crafts, paints, balls, swings, or anything planned or thought out, especially by me!! They ran straight to a bucket that had filled with water over night, and went to town making mud... mud pies, mud puddles, mud bubbles, mud huts, mud shampoo (we had to stop that one), and just plain mud!!! The more mud the better... they painted the slide, the swings, the timbers, the boat, I could go on, but I know you understand. Their play revolved around this cheap, abundant, wonderful material for over an hour. I only wish we had a nice little creek to take them to, like the folks at Let The Children Play, to wash off. That would take our play to the next level, I tell ya!! But, we don't... so, we had to be satisfied with stripping our muddy boots and socks off and laying them in sun to dry, swapping our muddy pants out with dry, clean ones... and yes, washing one of our friends hair with real shampoo :) It's all in a days work. Mine and theirs :)
The talk at lunch was one of contentment, laughter, and silliness about their mud experiments. They relished in that sweet moment of childhood, that I know I remember, where everything was right in their world... and it revolved around some good friends, water, dirt and a safe place to explore it!!
Did you know Little Tykes has out this year a little outdoor Mud Kitchen?? They are making a little kitchen with accessories to make mud pies, mud hot dogs, etc... Toys made especially for mud. I saw it at the store the other day, and just shook my head. I wasn't sure if I should be excited to purchase a toy just for mud, or be sad that our imaginations and resourcefulness has gotten so lax, that a bunch of men and women in a boardroom have decided we need to be provided with a toy to get our children back to the basics of playing in the mud. I mean, what happen to having out old pots, pans, cups, spoons, Tupperware (mom's best was always a treat), and an endless supply of water and dirt??

I am happy with how our morning has turned out... it was a good day.


  1. Kids and mud.. you cant beat it. I love that you can break out of what you plan for the day to do what is best for the kids. You made some great memories today. When they are old they will say one day my teacher let us play in the mud and it was SO cool !

  2. Oh, man...I'm laughing so hard I have tears. What a fabulously wonderful day!!! You are awesome!
    That's the first I have seen of the mud kitchen. Hhmm...not sure how I feel about it yet. It is a neat little setup...but that's about the last thing I would think of when it comes to mud play.

  3. Bev... of course my kitchen would NEVER look so clean and taken care of. Especially if I told them it was for mud :)