Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain, Pedaling, & An EC Conference

Sorry no photos today... we went outside again today before the rain started to fall. The backyard was pretty muddy from the rain last night, so we went out front and practiced our pedaling, sharing, turn taking, problem solving and communication skills. All while riding bikes :)

Inside... I had out some table work, matching colors, letter sounds & pictures. We also worked on some open-ended art projects. Princess L made a very long, very glued worm. She wrote her name on it in big letters. Very cute. I love when they make connections, we were talking about Worms today, and how they are different from Snakes. We also played with bean bags and had some singing and dancing time.

The next couple of days will be rainy, and if it is warm enough out we will go on a rain walk with our umbrellas. Always a favorite activity!!! I hope it stays warm.

On Friday I am off to an Early Childhood Conference... I can't wait. I love getting new ideas and meeting new people. They have a tour of their center and told us we can bring cameras!!! I am looking for examples of quiet time areas, and how people set up science/math centers, I hope they have a variety of examples :) After a conference you get that refresher you need to bring in some new ideas and knowledge to the kids. I can't wait. I don't even remember what I signed up for, but I can't wait... I know they all will be good.

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  1. I hope you plan on sharing those pictures, because those are the same exact areas I need ideas for! Funny how it seems that you and I are always working on the same things. Have a blast! I'm going to the state conference next month, but we don't get any cool tours.