Saturday, March 13, 2010

Early Childhood Conference

I just got home from the Early Childhood Conference!! Wow... I wish there were more per year because I always come home so motivated. There were so many new ideas to try, the lectures were uplifting and inspirational and the vendors had a great variety of products to look over.

I went to this conference with Science/Math and Cozy Centers on my mind... I got some great ideas. I can't wait to implement some of them. The venue that the conference was held in was a large church, serving over 800 children in their daycare & preschool classes. We got a tour of the classrooms and got to talk to some of the teachers. They were blessed with some wonderful materials. I am hoping to get some photos uploaded soon. They even have a separate Science Lab that each class visits at least once a week, some twice. I took the session taught by their Science Teachers. I came home with some great ideas on how to incorporate science into our daily schedule more often than I currently do. Right now their is so much bouncing around in my brain, I need to process it and then be able to write more about it.

I loved the conference, though it was geared to Center Based Care... i.e. single age rooms. I took a session about 2's, one about 3's and the science one. They were all wonderful and the information was superb, I just wish I had someone to help me incorporate the information into a multi-aged environment too. I guess I will spend the next couple of weeks working on that!!


  1. I feel your pain. That is why we started out state association with trainings. I cant wait to see what you do for your alone space.