Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a Great Day!!

What have we done today? How was our new space utilized? Did we accomplish what we set out to do today... Have Fun?? Yes, I think we did.

Building... Friendships :)

A Budding Artist... You never know what the future may hold!

Look... "Sticky"
Language Development

Cooperation, Problem Solving, Communication
These 3 boys played at the Sensory Table for 30 minutes today... not one disagreement!!

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Fine Motor Skills, Concentration, Language
"Tiny" "Help" "Egg" "Bunny"
All while getting those little ornaments on that tree... I was amazed, but not surprised by it!!

Some More Messy Hands.... I love when the kids get engaged in an art project beyond the actual intended project... some of them loved the slimy feel of the paint on their hands :)

Shaking/Rolling Eggs to make "Marbled Easter Eggs"

Some Free Art this morning... the kids love to just have the art materials at their fingertips... this project was actually started yesterday and she wanted to finish it today... I think she really just liked the way the glue felt going on the paper, because we used a lot of glue and not a lot of anything else :) No worries... we have more glue

There was a lot of activity in the playroom today. All the centers were used, and I allowed for extra time to let the kids explore today. We saved our Circle Time for the end of the morning, instead of the beginning so they could really get the feel for the "new land." I noticed that they spent more time in one area today, I think because the block area was more "protected" they were able to build without the worry that someone was going to knock it down. Thanks to Bev for the advice on making that area a little more insulated!!!
The Writing Center was a Hot Spot today!! I set out some markers, stamps, and different types of paper... I don't think that center has ever seen so much traffic!! I loved it. They even found the letters stamps for their names and stamped it on a piece of paper. It was exciting to watch all the connections being made. Of course, Little Miss M decided to use her whole hand to stamp with, but it worked :) Who am I to tell her that her hands aren't for stamping :) (Thankfully her Mom & Dad appreciate the curiosity of a Toddler!!)
It was one of those days that brings such joy to me... I can't really explain that excited feeling I have right now writing it down... it's just so amazing to see the happiness and excitement that these kids have everyday for learning.


  1. Now if I can just fix my block area problems...lol!!!
    Sounds like a great day and that the rearrangement was a success. It will be interesting to see if it really has solved some of your issues once the "honeymoon period" wears off.

  2. sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I love it when the kids explore. It is amazing to watch their imagination soar!