Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Windy Paintings and A Little Mud

We had fun with our weather theme today.  Although it was so windy on Monday we could have probably taken our papers outside on that day to do these paintings, but I think using the hairdryer was also a lot of fun!!!  The kids got to splatter paint on their paper and then use the hairdryer to blow it around.  The little ones were a little weary at first, but once I helped them they really enjoyed blowing the paint around.  When I turned to dryer on them and let them feel the "Wind in their hair" there was a lot of laughing, giggling, and turning of their heads.  Don't worry we kept it on the cool setting to make sure we were all sage!!!  The cool air was way to much fun!!!

"Look at me Mom!!  You'd better secure our hairdryer at home!!"

We love to end our morning outside.  It gives us a great way to discharge all that pent up energy from Circle Time and waiting our turns at the craft table.  I don't usually do such individual activities like the one we did today, but I only have 1 hairdryer in the house.  Outside it was a beautiful day, we got to run and play in our sneakers today and no mud pants.  The girls found that our turtle sandbox had some nice soft sand in it, then proceeded to dump any water they could find into the box, making a nice slushy, grimy, mud puddle.  

And of course, who should think that this would a great place to play!!!

They did have loads of fun though, I couldn't even be upset.
What's a little mud, a change of clothes will fix that ;)

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