Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Bit of This, A Bit of That...

We had a busy morning today.  Free Play, Sensory Table, Bunny Ear's Craft and that was all before we went outside for more fun.  The kids enjoyed the different activities going on and spent a lot of time going between each one.   

Yes, 'Lil Bit did get the bowl from Scamp...
but Scamp didn't care, she just went on playing with what was in front of her.
You have to know when to intervene and when to let nature take it's own course,
this was one of those times to let well enough alone ;)
Don't you just love it when they have to move their heads right down close to what they are working on...

Cotton Balls really get sticky when you apply glue ;)

Tomorrow we will be pretending to be Easter Bunnies hiding eggs in the yard...
We Can't Wait!!!

When we moved outside there was a lot of free play going on, but I try to have some kind of "messy" project going on.  Being outside gives the kids more free range on what they play with and they are able to get their whole bodies into it.  The littlest ones seem to really enjoy getting messy and slimy on a more regular basis (sorry about the clothing Mom and Dad), while the big kids will not get so messy so often.  I can't figure out if their is a reason or it is just mood.

You can see that Roo has taken to just using the cookie cutters for the prints.
She will usually begin to finger paint or paint her hands, but I think that there was
more fun to be had playing "house" and she had to be clean for that :

Cleaning Up... well, can playing be counted as cleaning up??
'Lil Bit started out like this...
Look at that extension!!
She always has to rub those hands like the paint is soap.
She must love the feel of it!!
Talking to herself and cleaning those hands!!!
 Another wonderfully, busy morning!!!


  1. Easter bunny hats are very cool. Mind if I borrow your idea?

    1. Not at all!!! It's always good to share!!!

  2. She does enjoy her painting doesn't she?!! Maybe she'll be an artist some day:)

    LilBit's Grammy