Monday, March 5, 2012


Last night in the car my twin son's and I were talking about having a 3 day weekend every week, how cool that would be.  J wanted to have off Friday, and C thought Monday would be better.  I agreed with C!!  I look forward to Friday.  I feel like Friday is the "real" start of the weekend and if I had it off, then Thursday wouldn't be the same.  I can't feel like Thursday could ever be like Friday... where as having Monday off would be like you get a whole nother day in your weekend.  Monday seems so far away from Friday, but Tuesday, now that is close to Wednesday and once your at Wednesday your almost done with the week :)  Then on Sunday night there is no feeling of dread that you have to go to work the next day.  I don't know, it made sense to us.  Sorry for the tangent.  

Today we spent a good amount of time sorting toys, dusting shelves, emptying the sensory table and washing toys and tables.  We are getting ready to start a new unit about Weather and I thought it would be great for the kids to help transition us into it.  Tomorrow we will talk about some new things we could put out on the shelves and how to use them and put them back again when we are through playing with them.  I am trying to get the little ones used to taking something out and putting it back so we can incorporate more Montessori into our day.  I miss our work trays and letting the kids be more independent.  I do allow the kids to get their own plates, silverware, bowl or cups out and help set the table.  The big girls like to help pour the drinks, that has been a big adjustment for them.  Stopping before it overflows can be tricky :)

With all the moving, playing, working going on we didn't get any photos today... sorry.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a more photogenic day!!  Oh, we also went outside today!!  It was such a WINDY day!!  It was a great way to introduce our Weather Theme to the kids.  Having the wind almost blow you over can't be easily forgotten and when we talked about it at lunch today there was a lot of interesting comments like, "Wow I thought the whole world would blow away" and "The tree's were bending to the playground," and my favorite, "Did you see my hair it was flying on my head."  I am hoping the wind will die down soon, but it was nice to be able to talk about the wind today.  

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