Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simple is Good

I sometimes think to myself, "Michelle, are you giving all you can to these kids you care for??  Could you be doing more??"  Then I realize, "Simple is Good!!"

My friends are learning so much through the play they engage in... friendship, patience, forgiveness, love, happiness, empathy, and fun, these are only just a few of the more intangible things that they learn.  The things we actually see are the easy things to teach... cutting, pasting, letters, numbers, or words to a song.  

As I set out our art project today, worrying that maybe it wasn't going to be fun enough, or interesting enough... I remembered, "Simple is Good!!"

We talked about colors, how many, will it stick, how much glue is just right, weights of different objects, and waiting our turn, sharing glue, personal space, sharing materials, and encouraging our friends.  See, as simple as our project was today, there was so much to learn.


  1. Perfect Michelle! Good tactile activity, way to go!!

  2. Simple is sooo good! You can see it just by looking at your pictures--Little Man so happy to get that pot of paint/glue (of course, he's always smiling). LOVE the look on Scamp's face as she is glue/painting her hand-such serious work! LilBit trying to figure out how to put the lid on. And the "big girls" working hard on their masterpieces. Yep-looks like SIMPLE was just right for everybody :) We who have done things lots & lots of times forget how new & fun & interesting such simple things can be. Keep up the wonderful things you do!
    LilBit's Grammy