Friday, March 23, 2012

Splat Painting & A Little Bit of Water

On days like today it is hard not to take a million photos and then not put most of them up on a new post... but I had to.  There was so much going on today, nothing actually structured or theme oriented, but plain old, straight forward fun and play!!!  When I was young I remember the hours we would spend with the hose, food coloring, and any container we could get our hands on.  We would create elaborate fantasy lives, making trees into houses, toys into people, food coloring and water concoctions and pine cones into microphones.  I try to set up our outdoor space so the kids can explore and create whatever fantasy worlds they would like and they usually do.  Today, though, they just seemed more content than usual.  Taking time to really immerse themselves in the materials that were out...

Come Take A Look...

Scamp would bring her hand back to throw the pom-pom, then get the paint all over her neck

I found the idea for Splat Painting from the blog Make+Believe.  It is such a simple idea and the kids were able to manipulate the paint in so many ways.  The pom-poms were an exciting new way to get the paint on the paper and what toddler/preschooler doesn't want permission to actually THROW paint ;)  It was a huge success and we all had a wonderfully, busy and messy morning!!!


  1. HAHAHA..."immerse themselves in the materials that were out"--mentally and physically!! Looks like they had a ball-good thing you don't have big buckets of'd have to get out a hose, line them up & spray them down :). I know what u mean about imagination-LilBit's Mom, brother & sister had the best summer with just a box from a new refrigerator. That box was a million things to them. I worry that kids now have too many things that do everything for them. Ohhh-the good old days :)
    LilBit's Grammy

  2. You find the best ideas and the pictures show very happy children! I am proud of you! I am getting a water table for this summer and the same paint easels. Can't wait to try your idea!!

  3. Hey, this looks really fun ... and you made it outdoor too. The kids are beaming with smile which is really good to see. I guess we all have something to learn from here ...

    Great post!