Monday, March 19, 2012

Weather and We're Better!!!

Last week was a wild week... we started the week off with all my friends, but by the end these two were the only two left standing!!  I am glad that dreaded stomach bug didn't get them!!  

Well, since we didn't really get to explore our next phase of our weather unit, I decided to just pretend last week didn't happen (curriculum wise) and do all that stuff we planned this week.  The weather was great this morning.  We had FOG!!!  I have a really nice camera, but the image of the fog just wouldn't come out.  I was pretty disappointed.  We did get to take a little run through the fog though, and the kids felt the droplets of water on their faces.  Before we went outside I had them feel their hair, clothing and face to see what it was like... soft, pretty, clean :) (loved that one) and finally, DRY.  Then when we came back in we compared each thing again... and almost immediately they said, "WET!!"  

My friends that come early in the morning took some time to read a book on the couch!!

After snack this morning we took a weather walk.  We thought of all the things we could find while walking, like... breezy leaves, rain or rain puddles, sunshine, fog, clouds, and flowers (that grow in the sunshine).

Gotta love the hat!!!
Lil Bit was examining some dandelions when she realized the rest of the crew was going on without her...
I was behind her, so she was NEVER alone, but I am not the one she wanted to be with!!!  

I see a Cross on Little Man's shirt... that was caused by a smudge on my camera lens and the shining sun, Wow.  

We took some time to play at the park!!
Scamp was watching those big girls balance and make their way around the  mulch barrier, well, she HAD to try it!!
She did a great job of figuring it out.  She fell a few times, but was persistent until she figured it out!!
We also watched a video on the internet about the weather.  It was very cute and great for the 1 to 4 age group.  It is on a website called  Lil Bit's Mommy told me about it and I opened it on my phone while at a baseball practice for my youngest guy... there was a cute little weather song, then all the little girls around me (waiting for brothers to finish) heard the song and were soon hanging over my shoulder to peer at the little screen.  It was very cute. Anyway, we never got a chance to watch it last week, so I decided today to show it.  They loved it!!  We watched it a few times before our walk and tomorrow we will use the weather cards that Lil Bit's Mommy made for us.  The kids will hold up the correct card when they hear it in the song.  I talked a lot about the picture and held up each card today during the song, hopefully tomorrow it will come together, if not, we have all week!!!


  1. The cross in little mans shirt is awesome!! - Roo's mommy

  2. There is an indoor activity you can do with rain. Put some hot water in a jar (mayo jars work great). Place the lid upside down on the jar. Put a few ice cubes on the lid. Children will be able to see steam form at the top of the jar - just like a cloud. Soon the water will drip down the jar - like rain.