Friday, March 30, 2012

Face Painting, Egg Hunt, and Water Play

We started our day off with some face painting and then outside we went!! 
It was another beautiful day and I wasn't going to miss giving my friends the chance to play, play, and play some more.  

Once outside the paint came out for some more splat painting, water toys went into the water table, and the plastic Easter Eggs came out for some more hide and seek fun!!!

Spring Breaks start for the school districts in our area... of course I have children whose parents work in 2 separate districts so they have different vacations.  The next 2 weeks will be light loads thankfully, but I think next year I'll have to take off when my kids have Spring Break.  Working from Christmas to June without a break with this age group, I don't know how some providers do it :)  I think everyone needs time to recharge, especially when you work with children 5 and under.  Well, have a Great Weekend!!!

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  1. Fun to see my 2 favorite girls there today!! I can see why you would take off for your boy's spring break-often wonder how you manage to balance between the little ones & your boys! You must never stop! But I have to admit, I'm really going to miss your blog/pictures every day-I'll be in withdrawal by end of June!! I really look forward to seeing the kids & what you have planned for them every day.
    LilBits Grammy