Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

We had a Birthday Party for Dr. Seuss today.  What fun we had.  
We first started with making some yummy cupcakes in our Silly Nilly Shoe Cupcake Holders.
What better way to Honor Dr Seuss than with some silly cupcake liners :)

"Really, I can just take it and eat it??"

"Okay, you asked for it!!"

"This icing is the bomb!!"

At Circle Time each child got their Honorary Cat in the Hat hat (this particular group of kids think The Cat in the Hat IS Dr. Seuss, but we are working on that).  We sang some songs, did some Freeze Dancing, and read Dr. Seuss's The Foot Book... which is one of my favorites, not only because it's a great book, but because it is shorter than most ;)

After Circle and Dancing we got to make our Many, Many Feet poster.  How fun it is to wiggle our toes in slimy, sparkly paint!!!

Sitting at the end to soak our toes and receive a little foot massage...
Can the day get any better??

Then to officially end our Dr Seuss Week we headed outside for our, "Hip, Hip, Hooray, It's Dr. Seuss Birthday Parade!!!"  Again, Fun Times!!!

Scamp actually kept her hat on the entire time we were outside for our Parade...
It was like she knew that this was a special walk.
She did keep touching it though, to make sure it was there, or bring our attention to what a great job she was doing.


We couldn't resist stomping in some puddles along the way!!

Even Scamp figured out that this stomping could be fun...
Sorry Mom & Dad  :)
I can't believe the week is over.  It seems like yesterday that we were beginning our Wacky, Zany Dr. Seuss Week.  I am exhausted and am looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  We packed a lot of fun learning into a very special week.  Now, how do you top a week like this when your next theme is Weather ;)
Hopefully, I can find some tricks up my sleeve.

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  1. I love the painted feet on the long paper. That is very cool!!!