Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Lucky Am I??

I was sitting in my living room last night thinking over my day yesterday... You see I didn't sleep well Sunday night and when I did finally fall asleep the alarm went off way to fast.  So making it through a Monday would haved been hard enough, but I also learned my teenage son didn't finish an assignment he had all week to do, that baseball skills night for my other teenage son was at the same time as my 6 yr old's new ACROFITNESS class, and that  my coffee creamer was running far to low, all before 7am, let's just say it was going to be a long day.  
But it wasn't.  It was a wonderful day.  The kids cooperated, there was laughing, silliness, happiness, and not so many tears, bickering, or tattling.  

How lucky am I?? I ask myself.  I am not only lucky to have a group of parents that appreciate what I do and how much I love their children, but I have a group of GRANDPARENTS!!!  Especially one Grammy that is absolutely wonderful!!  She not only reads my posts, she comments to let me know how much it means to her to be able to see her Lil Bit each day.  That had me thinking I was luck enough!!!  Yet, she had more to give, look at how happy these TUTU's have made EVERYONE... 

Even siblings took a shine to them!!!

First thing this morning he grabbed a tutu and wore it all morning.
(he did play a little basketball with it on too, which was a sight to see ;) )

I've always said, "Everything is better wearing a tutu!!"

So I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Lil Bit's Grammy!!!  I cannot express how much I appreciate all the work that went into making those sweet tutu's for the kids, how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness for thinking of us and sending them to us!!  They will not only be well loved, but worn daily.  
THANK YOU  for thinking of our Little Man and Big Guy and sending them their Pirate Wear!!  Again, it has already crossed gender lines and has been used by all the kids throughout the day!!  Our Costumes now have that boost it sometimes needs to keep things from getting boring!!!  

Now friends... do you see how lucky I am???

I introduced the Weather Unit yesterday, today we talked about the Sun, how hot it must be, where it is, when we can see it, and what color it is.  There was a lot of yellow, red, and orange (well, orange was more my guess really) so we decided to put all the colors together and see if we could make our very own Sunshine.  The kids will be making a weather booklet, and this will be our first page.  I love how different they all look.

We have more than this, these are just the first ones to be done, so the first to be photographed.

Little Man put his little finger in a whole on the other side of the sponge.
He thought it was pretty cool to be able to paint like that ;)

Scamp has learned to say cheese... how proud she was!!!
Her little voice is so cute.
I sit here as I write and really feel how lucky I am to be right where I am.  I love seeing these little ones learn and grow.  I love being a part of their lives and helping them to become the fabulous, creative, strong, smart, loving, caring, and beautiful people they will grow into.  Thank you all for that privilege.


  1. Michelle,
    WE are the ones who are lucky! We have found YOU! I can't imagine anyone being more loving, knowledgeable, or dedicated to our childrens' growth than you! I have seen Lil Bit grow by leaps and bounds because of you. As teachers, all us moms know how challenging and rewarding this profession can be. We SO appreciate everything you do! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!

    Lil Bit's Mommy

  2. Gotta love a man confident enough to play basketball in a tutu!!! You're very welcome, Michelle & thank you for all the nice compliments. I know what you mean about days turning out different than you think they will-some days our schedule is packed at work & then patients cancel for one reason or another & the day turns out very calm :) We all loved the "feet painting"-you do such fun things there!! Before we left Mon. AM I asked LilBit if she was ready to go to Shell's & she got a BIG smile on her face & said "yeah, yeah". No wonder!!!
    Lil Bit's Grammy