Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Played Outside Today!!!

I didn't get to take to many photo's outside today as it started to rain and I didn't want to go in, but I also didn't want my camera to get ruined.  Thus, I brought the camera in and we stayed outside.  What fun it was.  It was a little loud today after breakfast, it seemed my friends had a little to much pent up energy to expend so I rounded them up and out we went... that was at 9:10 this morning.  We were out for the rest of the morning.  We even got to eat our snack outside, that is always a favorite thing to do.  

When it began to sprinkle I was hoping it wouldn't pour, but we got to talk about he Wind, Clouds, Rain Clouds, and Sunshine.  You can't ask for anything better than hands on learning.  We got to experience first hand how strong the wind can be because at one point the wind brought down a block tower Roo made, and then Roo came to tell me that the wind was not soft because it only moved her hair a little bit and not a lot like before.  Then while playing we started to see dark clouds replace to light gray ones we have been watching all morning.  Then low and behold... it started to rain.  Not to bad, but enough for the kids to look surprised and make the connection that the clouds changed to make rain.  Real Life Learning!!!  How I love it!!!

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  1. Those precious faces light up when they realize something new. Priceless!