Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wind, Rain, Clouds, Sun... All This Morning

Today was a perfect Weather day. The morning started off with a downpour, then some dark gray clouds rolled in with the help of the strong wind that blew, then the sun shone beautiful and bright. I could not have asked for more perfect weather for our Weather Unit!! The kids got to experience the weather first hand. Feeling the wind and rain on their faces, then watching as the sun came out and warmed up our playroom. We looked feverishly for a rainbow when we saw the dark gray cloud start to move away... it seemed to be perfect for a rainbow, a little bit of moisture in the air, dark back drop with the sun coming out... but No, I guess the weather didn't cooperate as much as I wanted it too :) That's ok, we made a rainbow anyway. We really thought there should have been one today, so we made our own. I made a large rainbow on a sheet of paper, colored some of it in so the Toddlers would be able to match colors, and set out the colored paper, scissors and glue. The kids did a great job.
(Will you look at that hand position, she is growing so quickly!!)

The Internet is wonderful!! We found a book about Dippy the Raindrop, and listened as the author read it to us. Even though it was a little long, they enjoyed it and wanted to listen to it again. Instead, we did a little experiment. I had a pan of water (our lake), and cotton balls. We pretended the cotton balls were the clouds, that start out nice and dry and fluffy. As it passes over the lake, it picks up water (the kids put their cotton balls into the water). Then when it gets to heavy with water, it rains. They loved it!!!

(I don't know if you can see the drips toward the bottom of the photo, but Princess thought it was soooo cool!!!)

Our Boat House has become a nap time castle for a special boy or girl. While the kids are washing up after lunch, I sneak into the playroom and put someones cot into the Boat House, surprising someone special when they come in for nap. They kids look forward to seeing who is going to get their cot in the special napping castle, and I have a spot to put it during nap :)

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