Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's are for Experimenting

After such a cold and wet week, it was nice to see the sun shine this morning!! It just perks you right up!!

After breakfast and some free play, we got down to business. I knew we had a lot of playing to do today, so I got us right into our day. Circle Time is a great time to reflect on our week, review what we have learned, as well as completing our Days of the Week, Counting, Weather, Shapes, and Colors. This week we added another little bonus to our Circle Time... we have been practicing rote counting to 30. We do this while clapping, snapping, hopping, or using an instrument. The kids REALLY LOVE it!! Especially the toddlers. They jump around counting as high as they can go, then just start over. The excitement on their little faces is fun to see. The movement helps them get through Circle better also.

Sprout can make a V with her arms!!

D-Man can make one with his fingers!!

We finished our Volcano theme today with an erupting volcano. The kids were so excited!

I had set up a "Volcano Station" at the art table, with baking soda, colored vinegar, and various containers to experiment with. They had a blast!!

I moved the sand volcano over to the experimenting table, this way they could experiment with that one too. It was a huge, sandy mess... but oh, what fun!!

Princess was transferring vinegar from the jars to the pitcher with the droppers. When D-Man asked why she didn't just pick up the container and pour it in, "It's faster you know." Princess said, "I like it this way!!"

Around the room we had Utensil painting at the Easel, an idea we got from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds. We had used utensils for painting last week, but we did it on the table, more horizontal. After reading Teacher Sheryl's post the other day, I thought the kids might like to try it this way. They visited the station, but there was so many other wonderful things going on, they didn't spend to much time there.

The water table seems to be a favorite!! Especially with Little Man... who, I must say, is actually getting better with putting everything he finds in the table in his mouth :)

I think the kids had another fun week!! Next week we move on to the letter Ww. Of course you can't learn about the letter Ww without learning about worms, the weather, or watermelon. I am looking forward to another fun week!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

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