Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here is one of our new toys that came in the mail!! Yeah... we love new toys!! I didn't an get a photo of our Mystery ABC game (from Lakeshore Learning) that the kids absolutely love!! The mystery box is such fun, they love to put there hand in there and find an object. Some are still having a hard time matching it with it's letter, but this sure is a fun way to learn beginning sounds!!!

This is a favorite Easter activity. In the little wagon is the mini-ornaments for the tree.

This is our mini Easter/Spring sensory tub, another favorite.

Here is our "Box" with it's new window. They are enjoying playing so many things, and the little ones love just popping their heads out.

I always knew that an old brown box was a favorite play toy for kids, but I never thought ours would have so many uses and would be taken care of so well by the kids. I hate to think what will happen when it does wear out. Hopefully we'll be able to find a new one :)

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  1. Such great ideas. The kids are really getting some use from that box !