Friday, April 15, 2011

Ending our Easter Celebration

Today was our last day together before a 2 week break. I am going on a school trip with my son, and then we will be on Spring Break. So, we have been completing our Easter themed week this week instead of next week.
The girls worked together to complete the Easter Tree work.

Dying Eggs is a tradition at Kozy Kids... lots of work, lots of mess, lots of fun!!

It started out nice, with those little metal wire egg holders...

Then came the mess, opps, I mean fun :)

You can't have an Easter celebration without an egg hunt right??

But... before our hunt we all gathered on the carpet and read "The Easter Story" by Patricia Pingry. We talked about the real meaning of Easter, and then said, "but chasing the Easter Bunny is always a fun way to celebrate."

Where is the egg??

(The kids were looking all over for the last eggs, hints were given, we played the hot/cold game, and finally it took pointing up to get them to locate the egg!!)

Even Little Man got to hunt for eggs. He only needed one, and he was done.

To end our celebration, we will munch on these yummy cupcakes Sprout and her Mom made for us!!! Yummy!!!!

Have a great couple of weeks.... See you May 2nd!!!

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