Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Bunnies

Back in February I got a random email from my youngest sons Kindergarten teacher. She was my 3rd sons Kindergarten teacher also, and I was lucky enough to get to volunteer during his time with her. She is soooo crafty!! Besides being the best Kindergarten Teacher Ever, she always had the cutest seasonal crafts. So, I was excited to get her email, it had a picture of the cutest Easter Bunny Basket made out of a milk carton. I don't know how she knew I would love this cute little project, because the only thing in the email was the photo. I am so glad she sent it though, because we loved making it, and the kids have been talking and cooing to them all day!!
This one's cute, but wait to you see it with the grass in it!!

Kids kept looking at the pieces, wondering what in the world it would be when it took shape. I love to keep them in suspense.

"Is it a scooper??" or "I bet we will take them outside for the sandbox or water table," were some of the guesses.

Don't you just love that tongue!!!!

"I got it Miss Michelle!!"

(I've got to remember how competent they are becoming!!)

She was very proud of her bunny.

Aren't they sooo cute!!!

(I mean the kid too, of course)

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