Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little Science, A Lot of Fun

Busy, Busy, Busy... that's what we are. We had a busy, fun morning completeing some crafts we didn't get to yesterday and doing our Tornado "experiment." I bought one of those little plastic pieces that you attach 2 soda pop bottles to, then twirl it around and it makes a "Tornado" inside the bottles. The kids enjoyed making it, but when they firgured out what it did, they thought that was even cooler. We first watched a You Tube video on Tornado's and then watched one that showed an actual Tornado touching down in an open field. The kids loved watching it, and trying to guess where it would show up on the screen. On some of the video the Tornado seemed to come out of no where. Very interesting.

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Yesterday we didn't get to do our Cloud craft, so we finished it today. Glue, cotton balls, & construction paper... they loved it!! We will spray the Rain Cloud with diluted black/gray paint so the cloud is not a fluffy white. Princess loved making the Rain Cloud, but it was her who said to me that the "cloud" part needed to be darker, not the white from the cotton ball... Love Her!!!

Exploring the letter Ww has been a lot of fun this week. I found this on my camera when I downloaded the photos, not sure who took the photo, a childcare child or one of my sons, but I like the colors so I put it on.

We really love our I Spy Letter bags. We have been using them to play different letter games, sound games, I Spy games, and even gross motor activities. Today we threw them back and forth, and when you caught the bag you found an item and said it's name. It's a great game for the Toddlers, for both their vocabulary and gross motor skills. The preschoolers loved throwing and catching the bag too.

I hope we get in all the activities I have planned this week, but I am not sure we will get to our worm activities. We will be doing a planting activity soon, so maybe we will make the connection to worms, dirt, and the letter Ww as a review later in the month. We'll see.

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  1. Love that you let your little ones do the actual pouring . So many providers are afraid of messes .