Friday, April 8, 2011

Water, Rain Sticks, & Walking

There are pro's and con's to warm weather for a baby who isn't walking yet...
Pro... Con... Got the water table going outside today. Water is such a wonderful Early Childhood tool. It add so much to our program. They use so many skills: Vocabulary, Problem Solving, Experimenting, Investigation, Patience, Independence, Cooperation... the list could go on and on. I am just glad we have more than one water table, inside, outside, in the mud pit, and near the sand box. It is such a valuable tool.

(Looks like someone is having fun!!)

Rain Sticks were also on our agenda this week. We haven't gotten to them until today. I set everything out and they worked on them for a few minutes before the water pulled them away again. We will try to finish them after nap, if not, we will do them Monday morning. Flexibility... that is our mantra here!! I try not to lose sight of each child's childhood... Play, that is the most important job of our young children. That is where they learn the skills that will follow them throughout life, skills that will lead them on a successful journey.

Our Little Man is getting so big, so fast!! I think he will be walking soon. Here he is looking so big. He has started standing and pushing on anything that will move, to practice his walking.

Let me tell you, he is very proud of himself too!!


  1. I'm so very jealous that your kids are getting to wear shorts and tshirts outside. We are still in snowpants and boots and hats and mittens and those big ol' coats!

  2. I can't wait to get my sand and water tables (getting 1 or each). It looks like your kiddies enjoy it so much! I hope mine do too!