Tuesday, April 12, 2011

300 posts... Wow!!

This is my 300th post... WOW!!! It seems like yesterday I got on this computer and even realized that there were "blogs" out there to follow. What an amazing concept... online journals that I get to take a peek at, whenever I want!! I have learned so much, from SO many people. It has brought a new level to my Child Care Home, to me as a Parent and Provider, and to my as a Person. Thank You to All the Bloggers out there that take the time to share with the rest of us what you do in your homes, preschools, day cares, and churches!! Thank you to ALL the people who visit and read my blog also!! I appreciate it!!! May God Bless Each and Every One of You!!

  • What did we do today?? I brought out our Easter Tree, with all the little ornaments to put on it. It is so cute. The kids inspected all the little bunnies and eggs before putting them on the tree. As always, a hit!! I also make an Easter Sensory Box. It has these little time fluffy chicks that I usually find at the Dollar Tree or Big Lots. They come in 2 different sizes and the kids really enjoy stuffing them into plastic eggs, or filling up the little baskets with them. The Sensory Box also has different size plastic eggs, with some opening and others not. Plus, the little tongs that you get in some of the egg decorating kits... they love those!! They love those tongs so much, I can hardly keep them in the box. As of this minute they are missing :)

  • I also added a window to the House/Boat Box, it has now become a Puppet Stand and a Store. The kids took all the fake produce and began selling it through the window... very cute. The puppets were the store keepers (ok, the store keepers wore the puppets to help move the produce, but if they want them to be the store keepers who am I to argue :) ) We also went outside today, it was a little muddy, but we managed to stay pretty clean today. I think because I didn't turn on our water source and the jugs of water were empty... need to get that fixed if the weather is going to stay warm. Water really is the best part of being outside. There are no real rules (besides drinking it). They can fill, transfer, scoop, move, pour, or mix anywhere in the yard. There are buckets, bottles, jugs, wheelbarrows, slides, cubbies, holes, and lots and lots of dirt, grass, twigs, and pine needles. What an oasis, huh :)

  • So, hopefully tomorrow I will have our camera back. My boys all started Baseball Season this week so 1st games need to be photographed, right!! The camera has been in the car, I will remember to get it out tomorrow!!

  • **Thanks to all those who commented yesterday, that poem is one of my favorites. It just seemed fitting for our day yesterday!! Thanks Again!!!**

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