Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water Soothes the...

I love water. I love the effect it has on me, on my children, and on my Child Care children. It is so many things for so many people. I know that my favorite, least stressful place in the world is the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY with the many lakes you can enjoy. We go there only 2 weeks a year now, but it is the most peaceful 2 weeks in my life. The smell of the pines, the sound of the water lapping on the beach, and the outdoor activity keeps me center and is something I take with me and think of often throughout the busy year.

So, we don't have a lake or ocean in my backyard, but I do have a nifty new sensory table. Yesterday was birdseed, today it was water. Watching the kids play (all 5 kids can fit around this one, I am so happy) brought peace into our morning. Water is an integral part of my curriculum. We use it daily, on our work trays, science experiments, art work, you name it we will find some way to intertwine water into it :) The sound of the water being poured, splashed, and moved around was the most peaceful sound to my ears. I closed my eyes and I was back at the beach watching my own children and nieces play in the lake. There was no fighting, no yelling, just the kids experimenting, investigating and enjoying a beautiful Spring morning.

(look at that trunk extension)
Tomorrow is Umbrella Day... no rain is in the forecast though. So, water from the sprinkler will be on tap for some more water play tomorrow. I am sure we will work a little mud into that play also, so I hope the kids come dressed for mess!!


  1. I really like that sensory table! May I ask where you got it?

  2. Never mind, LOL. I just read yesterday's post and saw it came from DSS.