Monday, March 21, 2011

T is for Teddy Bear

What a wonderful Teddy Bear kind of day!! Our Teddy Bears came to school today, and I think they liked it so much they just might be back. It all started with the letter Tt. I knew that Princess really liked the theme days during Dr. Seuss week, so I came up with some theme days for the letters Tt & Uu!!

Today was Teddy Bear Tea Day. We enjoyed some wonderful stories, we investigated the likes and differences of our Teddy Bear's, we had a wonderful snack/tea with our Bears too!! It wouldn't be a "tea" if we didn't dress up in our Sunday Best. The kids look very snazzy!!

Then a Teddy Bear Parade had to be done!! Off we went down the road, and yes, Miss Michelle had to sing, "Teddy Bear Parade" (a make it up as you walk along kind of song).

Our Parade ended at the park, where our Teddy Bears had all sorts of fun. Sliding, swinging, and playing!!

I think our Teddy Bears had a wonderfully exhausting morning and look forward to a nice nap with the kids after lunch.
Our investigation of the letter Tt has just begun... tomorrow is Tye Dye Day!! How fun is that!!!

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  1. thaqnks for sharing Tt is out letter this week and Thursday we having Teddy bear day with tea and toast