Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Games, Gold & Rainbows

It started off a rather damp, yucky day. We thought we would have to put our mud boots and rain jackets on again (not that the kids would have minded) to go outside again... but instead during our Quiet Work Time, it cleared up and the sun began to shine!!

This is what I found after cleaning up from breakfast... these two found our Trouble game and got it out all by themselves. I played a modified version with them last week, and Princess wanted to play the "real" way today. They did good for a little while, but the long time it takes to play wore D-Man out and he wandered away after a little bit.

Sprout was a busy girl today... we love this Lock Box House from Melissa & Doug. You can ring the doorbell, use a key to open each door, and inside (usually) there is a little doll that wear something that coordinates in color with the door you opened. They really love it. The Toddlers have a hard time working the keys, but as you can see Sprout is determined (hence the little tongue sticking out, too cute!!) to get the door open. She worked on it for a good 7 or 8 minutes, but she finally opened it. She decided that it didn't need to be locked up again and quickly walked away after she opened the door :)

Sprout really enjoys the Practical Life shelf, I feel bad because it is lacking some good work trays right now. She is getting very proficient in using the spoon to transfer the beans, only dropping a few each time. Not pictured is her using the rice pouring tray, she really loves that one and will get it off the shelf many times throughout the morning. She also loves pouring in the water table. Sprout is even trying to pour at the lunch table, with help, but she is starting to gain more control over her pouring technique. How cool to watch the progression and varying degrees of success a Toddler goes through as they grow and learn.

We also talked about the letter Rr today. R for Rainbow, which so happened to go right along with our St. Paddy's Day & Leprechaun theme. We completed a rainbow pot of gold craft. It was a fun, no nonsense kind of project. Not to much process, but they liked the product. We also talked about our Leprechaun trap and decided to use an old black Halloween plastic pot I had lying around and turn that into the trap. I hope we catch him, because I could really use that pot of gold!!!

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