Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day

We woke this morning to this in the playroom. We set up a trap for those tricky leprechauns. We even put a chocolate kiss, with it's shiny foil wrapping, we knew it would tempt those pesky little fellows. We couldn't wait to check it out... well there was nothing in our pot!! Not even the chocolate kiss. One of those green men, jumped into our pot and left only leprechaun dust in it's wake!!

We got out our magnifying glass to see if we could find some clues as to that leprechauns where abouts!! Following it's dust.

But to no avail. We were left with an empty pot, and not even an extra chocolate kiss to share.

Thankfully Miss Michelle had some green dinosaur oatmeal for breakfast. It made the kids very happy. They were especially glad the leprechauns didn't find it, for they surely would have taken that too.

After our yummy, green breakfast, we painted some more shamrocks. We used tempera paint, water colors and glitter paint. The kids love the choices and they can really make their art their own. It brings a little process into a purely product craft.

After Little Man's morning nap we decided that those leprechauns couldn't have gone to far, so we got out the big guns!! Our brand new Jumbo Magnifying Glasses, from Discount School Supply!!! This is just one of the many new things we purchased from Discount School Supply. I can't wait to steadily bring more things out.

We didn't find to many leprechauns, though we looked everywhere for them. We did find this little wormy guy slipping along the sidewalk on the way to the neighborhood park. I had to make sure they didn't fry the poor guy, these magnifiers really work well.

Little Man had a ball, as usual, at the park. He enjoyed crawling around, eating, I mean investigating the mulch.

Throwing it up in the air seems to be a new favorite thing to do, with a lot of his toys. Cause and effect learning going on right here in front of my eyes.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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  1. Awesome pictures, looks like lots of fun! Don't you just love Discount School Supply?