Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Busy Day

Wow... the mornings have just been flying by. First it was Teddy Bears keeping us busy, and today we did a little Tye Dye, along with working with some great NEW outdoor things!! Yea, I love NEW things.

First we squirted our shirts to make them damp... the dye soaks in better that way!!

(Looking on, seeing how it's done)

Letting our creative juices flow!!
( We took this part outside)

Some worked like a pro!!

Lots of fine muscle work and concentration going on here!!

Here they are, they will sit in these bags until tomorrow, when I will rinse them and then wash and dry them. I have used this brand of Tye Dye Kit before and the colors usually come out pretty vibrant, so I hope it lives up to our expectations!!

I got this new Outdoor Sensory Table from Discount School Supply. I am so excited by it!! I am a little disappointed that they only come in 2 sizes, 18" and 24", I wish they had a size right in the middle. The 18", which I bought, is great for the toddlers (1 - 3yrs) but once they have that preschool growth spurt, they get kinda tall for it. Not that it stopped the preschoolers from playing in it... sorry, I digress!!

I put the left over birdseed in it this morning... they had a ball!!
So did the birds!!

Sprout was the first to start transferring the seed to the little side caddies. She stayed at it long after the others wandered away.

It was a perfect size for little man. He actually enjoyed the texture of the birdseed. He would grab it and let it slide through his fingers. Ok, yes, he threw it, tried to eat it, and dropped it on the floor as well, but hey, just think of all the learning going on in that brain of his!! At this rate he'll be brilliant!!!

And here is another new piece of outdoor equipment, a junior basketball goal, from Discount School Supply (I love that place!!)

Princess couldn't wait to help put it together!! It was very easy, she did the whole thing by herself. The only drawback is that the pieces slide out when you pick it up. So, I guess we won't be picking it up much. :)

I am enjoying getting our outdoor classroom updated. The kids love to investigate and explore the wooded area, they have climbing structures, ride on toys, and play kitchens... but now it just adds another dimension to our outdoor play. We have more options, more chances to make connections with each other and with the world we live in. I am excited to be able to offer that to the kids and families in my care!!!

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