Friday, March 4, 2011

Hats & A New Sink!!

Well Dr. Seuss we have had a wonderful week celebrating you and your books!! We got to learn about silly rhymes, wacky Wednesdays, and a silly & pesky Cat in the Hat!! We loved all the books we read (over and over again), but we especially loved the themed days!! Princess is asking me what themed days we have planned for next week. She enjoyed the week a lot.

Believe it or not D-Man was having a good time, I just think he didn't want to stop jumping around like Thing 1 to take our picture :) Even Little Man got in the photo, though he won't keep a hat on unless it is Velcroed to his head!!

I am making some changes to the Child Care room in our house. Since we opened almost 4 yrs ago, I have been dreaming of a sink in the Child Care room!! It would help with so many aspects of our daily routines... washing hands before & after playing in sensory table and play dough is a huge ordeal for us. We use those two centers all the time, and the kids keep having to be reminded to go to the bathroom and wash hands, and then reminded to come right back and not get side tracked. Don't get me wrong, I am lucky, they do a great job, but this will be such a help to us everyday!!! It will be up and running on Monday!! I can't wait!! We have more changes coming, stay tuned to see how we evolve :)

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