Thursday, March 24, 2011

Singing in the Rain...

Ok, so it wasn't really rain and we didn't quite sing, but we did a lot of yelling, squealing and jumping!! The little sea of Umbrellas was a sight to see out there on our new concrete pad. It really was great for them to be able to go under the sprinkler and not be standing in the mud up to their shins.

I love this shot... Sprout was standing off to the side at one point, just mesmerized by the sound of the "rain" hitting the top of her Umbrella. To cute.

This is what happened afterwards. I knew the mud would be to much of a draw to stay under the Umbrellas for to long. They just can't help themselves when the puddles start to grow and the water gets murky. It is just calling out to them to make some "Dinosaur Ice Cream."

Yes, that's muddy water coming out of those watering cans

Yes, I "tried" some "Dinosaur Ice Cream"
What's a teacher to do??

Inside we were able to have a semi-regular circle time. The kids were excited to do calendar and counting, but I think the new ABC I SPY bags were the favorite today. I purchased these from Lake Shore Learning and I couldn't wait to get them out. The kids loved them. They loved being able to Spy the objects, but it really helped to build vocabulary for the Toddlers, as well as the preschoolers. In the Tt bag there was a tennis racket, some knew what it was, but it looked a little different than a real one, so they had a hard time being confident in their answer. So, we talked about real-vs-pretend, we talked about same-vs-different, and we found each object and named it. This way when they go to play with the bags on their own or with a friend, they have the vocabulary to use with it. They are excited to find them on the shelf.

Here are the Tye Dye t-shirts we made. I think they came out really great!! Some of the kids wore them today and they looked pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself!! My boys want to make some this weekend, I hope it is nice enough out to do it.

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