Monday, March 14, 2011

Change Is Coming

Had some workers here today. It didn't go as I had planned. I am getting rid of the carpet in my playroom and installing wood, and they came to install it today. The installers were doing a great job and then... The store didn't order enough wood!!! The installers, who were great, were short 1 box!!! I am pretty annoyed!! Now they have to order another box, get it delivered, because it was a special order, then it has to sit in the house for 3 days to acclimate to the house, then the men have to come back and install it!! Which means, getting my new equipment up and ready for tomorrow won't be happening. ARGH!!!!

Thankfully I am pretty flexible and can usually run with whatever is thrown my way (most child care providers are, right??) and I will just make it work until it can be totally done. We will modify our day, spending most of it outside when we can. What else are we gonna do, right? :)

It was weird not having the kids here. I kept wanting to call them to watch something the workers were doing. I think they will enjoy the new set-up and changes when they are complete.


  1. That is so frustrating! I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you are doing with the kiddos!