Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celery Experiment & A Boat

It Worked!!

I'm not sure how well you can see, but the leaves of our celery began turning the color of the water. It was amazing when the kids came in this morning and one by one they each went to the celery and "Yippee!!" I would hear, or "Shell, Shell... come quick. The leaves are splotchy." I was happy to see that they were still excited this morning and eager to check out our experiment. When we woke from our nap yesterday there wasn't much going on with the stalks. I could see a tinge of blue on the stalk soaking in the dark, dark blue vase, but the kids couldn't see it. So, there was a little disappointment there, but this morning made up for it. The stalks actually keep getting darker so I will give it one more day to soak and see what tomorrow morning holds for us. The vases have, so far, stayed upright, so I hope I am not pressing my luck. If anything, it will be my own boys wrestling that knocks them over :)

We had fun making this boat out of the cardboard box that our new chairs came in. It has been in the playroom for a few days now and I kept eyeing it and trying to figure out what I could do with it. I have been visiting My Homemade Montessori lately, and she has such wonderful ideas and nifty ways to recycle and reuse anything and everything... so I knew I just had to wait and something would come to us. And it did, this morning we were talking about how veggies get from one place to another... trains, trucks, & BOATS. When the kids made that connection it only seemed appropriate that we make a train, truck or boat to pretend deliver our veggies with... the kids opted for a boat. It seemed to take forever (in the time of a child) to put together, and the 4 of them were so eager to get in and play, but finally it was done.

There were many ship Captains, lots of talk about decorating, many discussions about what they could use for a Ship Wheel, and even a little playing. It is funny, it sometimes seems the fun is in the creation of the project, not always the actual pretend play.

Although, a lot of time was spent inside the boat, "shipping" veggies all over the USA. (In between decorating of course)


  1. Michelle, I love your boat. I have to do something like this soon. Thanks for mentioning my page and I thank you for all the visits you do to my pages and all the WONDEFUL COMMENTS YOU LEAVE ME, each week.Your a wonderful provider and mother and it is apparent by all your postings you love children. Have a great week. I will visit often. Love the celery experiment 2. Hugs lisa and children :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that the celery experiment worked! And the boat is awesome!

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