Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's Up at Shell's??

Just a little of this & a little of that!!!

Friends having a Birthday Party for the D-Man... No, it's not really his birthday, but who needs a real birthday to celebrate!!

These girls are really starting to play well together, not just along side of one another. There newest thing is to play babies. I (thankfully) have 2 strollers and they put "their" babies in and walk around the house, feed them and use the doctor's kit to check them out. All the while jabbering away to each other.

We have been learning about shapes (along with other things, of course) and I realized that last year I spent a lot of time having the kids identify shapes, but not really try to draw them. So, out came the chalk boards... I think they did a lovely job!!!

Just this little bit of practice and I already see a noticeable difference in their drawings, especially the Princess. Before, the drawings were very random and open ended, now I am seeing an attempt at people, animals, trees and even cars. The chalk boards are really great for this kind of practice too, we can always erase what we don't want and then take a picture of the the pictures we want to keep forever.

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