Friday, October 15, 2010

What a Busy Week

What a week... The letter Dd was a lot of fun and we didn't even touch on any Dinosaur activities. I will have to have a special Dino Week just to get in some of the great Dinosaur things we like to do.

Today we acted out our "5 Little Duck" play. The kids loved it, and we even had the Daddy Duck calling out to all his 5 little ducks. The little ones loved getting up and moving around the room, making their little ducks swim, hop and meander over the hills and far away. They even loved "hiding" while the amount of ducks got smaller and smaller. The Mommy/Daddy duck loved looking for their ducklings and having them follow her/him back to the "pond." It was a great little way to end circle time today.

We also finished up our Dd week by making Dotted D's with a Door. Behind the door, what could there be, but more Dots for you to see. They put on their dots, then "hid" some behind their door. I tried to guess how many were behind, and then I got to open the door and count to see if I was right. I was never right, the kids got a kick out of that. I got the idea from Jackie at Pocketful of Posies. She has really great Letter Themed activities!!!

We used our chalk boards to practice number writing, shape drawing, and making silly pictures. We sang songs, played Dolls, glued, used scissors, looked for numbers around the room, read stories about Autumn, Shapes, and Colors. We even went on a color hunt when all the kids got here after school. That was loud and fun (at least for the kids).

Next week we start out Ee week, Halloween Themed activities, introduce the color Black, review Orange, and introduce the number 3. We will continue to work on positional words (especially with the little ones) and Seasons.

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