Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ee's and the Park

We started work on the Letter Ee this week... we tried to do our Mystery Bag, but only came up with 2 objects that started with an Ee (Egg & Elephant) the rest were more of concepts or Elbow, Ears, or Eye's... couldn't really find those hanging around the house :) We got this idea from Jackie at Pocket Full of Posies...

We are also learning about the color Orange, hence the orange Ee's... the kids enjoyed putting their eyes on the paper. The second Ee was colored by a 4 year old, the first one was colored by a 2 yr old...they both enjoyed the activity.


Babies are amazing!!!
Today we took advantage of what could be our last hot, sunny day for the season. Of course who know if that is true, but the weather man says the cold is coming. We went to the Park today!! What fun. This park is very close to our home and the kids enjoy it. During the summer it is to hot to go there because there is no shade, AT ALL!!! They have a nice walking trail, and you can do that in the summer, but playing on the playground is just way to hot. So today it was just perfect. It even got a little hot in the sun. We started out with jackets on, but shed them very quickly. The playground part was a lot of fun. There is climbing structures, slides, stairs, and poles. There is an area for 2 to 5 yr olds, an area for 4 to 12 yr olds and then a free standing rock climbing structure. It's pretty open, but you can see everything really well, plus it helps that this particular park doesn't get to much traffic in the early morning.
You will see in the slide show the kids rolling down a hill. The Princess said, "This is the best hill ever!!" She had all the kids trying to roll down that hill. The 2 yr olds were having a hard time getting a hang of the whole rolling thing, and the Princess really wanted them to get it, so she would roll over and over again for them to watch her. It was pretty cute.

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