Friday, October 22, 2010

E is for Eggs...

These two guys were so cute today... they were opposite each other and Big Guy was running full speed (well, as fast as his little legs could take him) towards Little Man... they were laughing at each other. It was way to cute!!!

Ending our Ee week was a lot of fun!! Each child brought in a dozen eggs this week (I washed each egg to make sure no germs were left on the shell) and we broke them today. We have been learning about all different kinds of eggs this week... where they come from, what's in them, which ones can you eat, and what colors they come in. After all that discussing, it was time to get a little hands on!! Little kids are so eager to help in the kitchen, cracking eggs, but we hardly ever let them do the actual cracking because we don't want to waste them. Today we got to crack a lot of them!!

Holding them, feeling them, talking about their size, texture, weight and even shaking them to see if we hear anything. That part alone was very exciting. Then when I told them to go ahead and crack them open to see what was inside... you would have thought it was Christmas morning :)

"Ooey Gooey Shell"

Sprout loved it... she used her spoon to make a small crack and then used her hand to smash it. Every Single time she would look up at me AMAZED at what she did.

These two were quite the team. At first no one wanted to touch the "slimey stuff" but soon these two were exploring each egg like it was the Hope Diamond. After all the girls were finished, washed up and changed, these two were still at it. They must have been at it for an extra 25 - 30 minutes... as the Princess said, "You guys are doing that for hours."
We got this idea from Annie at Annies Alphabet Home Child Care. I wish I could link to the exact post, but I couldn't find it right away and since nap time is almost over I can't take the time to look for it. Sorry. It's fun to just browse her blog anyway... she is very creative with her kids!!

We were getting some things ready for our day and when we looked over Big Guy here had pulled himself up to a standing position!! Oh No, we're in trouble now!!!

The tunnel was out today too, the kids had a ball sliding down into the tunnel.
What a fun Friday... now if we hadn't dropped the panties (twice, someone thought it might be funnier the second time around) in the toilet it would have been perfect!! :)

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