Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'll Cc You Outside!!!

We have been learning/reviewing our letters this year in order. Last year I taught them in the same order the school did for kindergarten, thinking also that they will really know them if I teach them our of order. I have decided, in my opinion at least, that it doesn't matter. When they are ready to learn them, they do. I love giving them games to practice, and crafts to reinforce. I think our Mystery Bag is their favorite though.

We did a C-Cotton craft. The kids counted out 5 to 10 cotton balls and then glued them on to their C. Fun, Fun!

After Calendar, Circle, and Crafts we went outside... the beautiful Autumn weather is upon us. We have chilly mornings that lead into warm afternoons. The temps are supposed to go back up by the end of the week, but no more than 80 or so... so it will be nice and comfortable. Maybe it is time to get out the Halloween decorations.

Birthday Cake making again... the kids found a pile of rocks we just put down for a water spigot we installed, and they became sprinkles for their cakes/cupcakes. I haven't looked yet, but I wonder if I have any rocks left.

These two spent a lot of time watching the other kids make their "cakes" and proceeded to confiscate their utensils and bring them to THEIR bake shop. They then proceeded to bake their cakes to their hearts content... undisturbed by those pesky big kids, who continually take their things :)

Making a run to the grocery to by more ingredients for their cakes.

Even our Littlest Man got some fresh air and outdoor time. He loves being outside with the kids, but the breeze kept taking his breath away... he would catch his breath, put his head down and smile and kick those arms and legs... he's growing so fast.

This Big Guy had a ball tooling around the yard trying to get the big kids attention. He was quite happy when Little Man gave him some giggles and grins.

These two has a game of tag going on for at least 1/2 an hour. They ran every where, up slides, down hills, in between swings, up ladders... I don't think D-Man let him catch him, but he did take a turn being the chaser and not always being the chased.

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