Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch where all the pumpkins look the same?? I haven't. So when we decided to make pumpkins today it was okay that they looked, well, a little different!
We all decided that orange would be the color we would use, and yes the black triangles for the eyes, nose and mouth... but still, take a look, I don't think one looks anything like another.

Silly Pumpkins

"Look Shell, Thomas the Tank pumpkin"

A Leggy Pumpkin

I want to try, I promise I won't eat the glue!!
(Nope, we didn't believe him)

Our pumpkin washing station got a lot of use again today. The preschoolers helped the little ones get their water and pour it out, which I think they liked as much as the activity itself. It is so much fun to be the helper and not always the helped.
Hopefully the weather will be okay tomorrow so we can visit the pumpkin patch.

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  1. what lovely and original pumpkins ! nicely done...

    light and peace