Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Fun

My family and I went to a local farm over the weekend, and I can't find the camera. I hate posting without photos. I have no clue what happen to it or where I might have put it. We have been doing such fun things this week, and I can't show you. But... I can tell you.

We have been having a lot of fun with the "5 Little Ducks" song. We have inserted "5 Little Dogs," "5 Little Dolphins," "5 Little Dinosaurs," and of course, "5 Little Ducks." We get pretty silly and loud, but they are loving it. I have gotten even D-Man to sing loud and silly, and he hates singing :)

We made Dotted Dogs, with our Do-A-Dot markers, counted Dd's in the room, found objects that begin with the Dd sound, and today we made a Dotted Duck, using the Do-A-Dot's and tissue paper. Tomorrow we will use our Ducks to act out the "5 Little Duck" song. I think they will enjoy the "over the hill and far away" part.

We continue to do our counting, weather, and days of the week. Congrats go out to one of our 2's, who is singing the days of the week to his whole family. Way to go Buddy!!! Repetition, song, & movement is great at this age to help our friends learn.

The Fall weather is perfect for being outside before and after nap time. The kids are exploring with the dirt & water, a lot!! Yesterday, they filled as many buckets they could find with water and made a huge long line with them. They were making "lots of little lakes, Shell." This morning when we went out most were still there. Today they became feet washers... it's funny how dirty feet can be after they were washed in the "feet washer machine."

Hopefully I will find my camera soon, I feel lost without it.

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