Friday, October 8, 2010

Something New...

What Could It Be??

We finally have a water source that the kids can use on their own. No more having to fill buckets and scatter around the yard, only have to do it 2 seconds later because they dumped them, just to dump them. Now, a little dumping is ok, but we are working towards using our water source in an environmentally safe way... no need to waste it. Our 2's are having a harder time with that than the 3's & 4's. We'll get there though.

Miss M already has the turning on and off down pat.

The preschoolers had lots of ideas on how to use their water.

Watering plants???

Miss M helped Sprout fill her bottle. Sprout is learning the logistics of turning the knob herself.

Mud Pie's anyone??

Finding a use for the water... "It's a mud puddle Shell"

We also have our tire swing up and running... the are getting very good at pushing just enough to twist, but not hard enough to get sick. Trial and error on that one, let me tell ya :)


We also talked more about the changes in the weather... how the mornings are chillier than the afternoons... one answer, "The sun isn't hot enough yet." One of the kids told me that it was darker when they woke up and that was how they knew it was Fall. We inspected the leaves outside our window to see if they had changed colors or fallen off the tree yet... Not to many have changed yet, but we see a few starting to change. Thankfully they haven't fallen yet.
The preschoolers have been practicing drawing a circle, square/rectangle, and triangle on their chalkboards. Today we used all those shapes to create a drawing of ourselves in our Drawing Journal. They came out really great.
The letter Cc was reviewed and Show-n-Tell was had. What a busy morning we had.

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  1. Love the water source. I wish we could use swings.....