Friday, May 28, 2010

Outdoor Friday Fun!!

Just a few shots from our day... we have enjoyed starting our mornings out with Operation. We are learning some great turn taking skills, patience, and fine motor. The kids love to be the one to hit the patients nose when they get their piece. We didn't know that you did that yesterday, so we heard the drip, drip of his runny nose the whole time we played. Silly me, I must have missed that in the directions.

We have been doing a lot of water play outside. Today I promised the kids they could run in the sprinkler. I also got out the turtle sandbox and the outdoor water table, they enjoyed both.

The sprinkler was a lot of fun. I think Little Miss M enjoyed that the most. I was surprised my friend D loved it as much as he did... He really got wet and ran in and out of the sprinkler spray.

Of course any kind of water play at my house turns in to this!! MUD!!! The orange clay is the worst, it gets into their bathing suits and it's REALLY hard to get the orange out. It was very slippery and the kids started out just "skating" around.

Then is went on to all out mud wearing. They sat in it, they ran through it with their trucks, and painted themselves and each other with it. I wish I got more of those photos, but I was to busy watching and enjoying them enjoy themselves. One of the kids said, "Yeah, summer is really here!!" It was cute.

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  1. Michelle I LOVE that your children get to play under the sprinkler, it brings back lots of childhood memories for me. Our children of similar age however may never had had this experience. Here in Melbourne, Australia we had been experiencing drought for the past ten years and in the last four or five have been living through tight water restrictions which includes NO SPRINKLERS ... unless you have your own water tank.
    Lucky you, luckier children!
    Donna :) :)