Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Babies and Baseball

Okay, my computer is at the shop. I have always said to myself... back everything up... it is only a matter of time before the computer goes down. Well, it started with a touch pad not working, then the port for the mouse stopped working, then the computer went black... I sent it out, I am confident she can save my photos... that is what I am most worried about. 2 yrs of photos saved, I need them :)

Today was an off day. I was out at baseball games from 5pm to 10pm last night. We ran out the door at 5, didn't straighten up, like I would have liked, ran to pick up the van, then off to 2 baseball games at 2 different fields at 2 different times... one overlapping the other!!! Then to top it off, my best friend (who was watching 1 of my sons, at her sons game) had to rush her son to the emergency room, due to a line drive to her poor sons cheek... whoever said baseball wasn't dangerous... obviously hasn't played :) Every year there is some sort of injury. I had to go pick my son and her daughter up at the emergency room after my other sons game... whew.... what a night. Thankfully he will be ok, lots of swelling and man will he have the best shiner to go to school with when he goes back.

So, all the cleaning, planning, and setting up I planned to do last night, well.... you know how it goes. We read, What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home by Heidi Murkoff. It was a great compare and contrast book. The kids are so close to the baby stage that they could relate (even though they can't remember) to how much an itty bitty baby needs.

They talked about how and what they eat compared to a new baby. We also have kids who were very knowledgeable on formula fed babies, as well as, breast fed babies. We talked a lot about dirty diapers and who should take care of that (not them) and how they don't use them anymore. When reminded that not so very far in the past, they indeed, wore diapers (I have photos to prove it)... there was a lot of EEWWWing and NOT ME's. But, all in all, they were able to relate to what a new baby will be like when it comes home from the hospital. Now, when reality sets in and the Little Man does come home... well, that will be a whole new ballgame :) Though, I think Princess will love being a Big Sister and do a wonderful job adapting and helping out.

The kids also played house with their baby dolls, tent making with all the baby blankets we had out, and picnics in the Living room. The blocks were everywhere, from buildings to instruments. The Sand Studio was used for some Monster Truck racing, and the Science Center had a lot of traffic... the kids used the magnifiers to study the branches and leaves from yesterday... I wish I could get them to stay a live... they look so nice in that corner.

I hope I get my computer back soon... we have a t-ball game tonight (unless the rain keeps up) so hopefully we can get everything done before we leave. If not, thankfully a Baby Theme is a lot of free play choices :)


  1. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle...did you not learn from my computer crash a few months ago?!? Haha!! But seriously, I KNOW how frustrating this is. Hope they recover the photos...that was definitely the worse loss.
    Your evening sounds a lot like how things have been going around here lately. Hope they calm down!

  2. Oh Michelle! My computer crashed last month and I lost some very important photos. I had backed up just the week prior but the photos I lost ( about 200) were of the children creating our Hush Garden at kinder. They couldn't get them back!!! Now I back up EVERY night!
    Donna :) :)