Monday, May 3, 2010

Did You Say... Jammie Day!!!

It is Jammie Day!!! It is a dark, rainy kind of day today... a perfect day for Jammies!!! The kids have been asking for a Jammie Day for a long time, but it has been so nice out I didn't think it was a good idea. On Thursday, I saw on the weather report that a storm was coming in today... so we took a vote at Circle Time and unanimously decided that Monday would be THE day!!!

We started out with Breakfast in front of Sesame Street... Milk & Cereal in the Living Room... one of the kids said, "Are you sure Shell?" Gotta love them. A special day means doing special things I told them.

We all got into the spirit... Little Miss M walked all morning in these "Pretty Shoes"
Clip-Clopping through the house, showing everyone her beautiful toes...

Yes, she wanted you to see them too.

We had lunch in the kitchen today... Pasta and Sauce can be hard to get out of the rug. Then off to nap... Nap with real Jammies on and Kitty's at our side, who could ask for anything more :)

We talked about Mother's Day today... I read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. The kids understood how much the Mommy loved her little boy, and even though he drove her crazy, made her feel like she lived in a zoo, and they both grew older... Mom always loved her child, and the child loves his Mom. It was a favorite at nap time.
On a special note, our Hairy Potato Head have started to grow hair!!! I am so excited. I wasn't sure if they would since the dirt we planted the seeds in reminded me of the hard clay on the ground (and if you can't tell from my outdoor photos, I have had a really hard time growing grass here!!) So, when they started to sprout... I was relieved!! I didn't say anything to the kids this morning, I wanted to see how long and who would realize it first. I thought Ry would tell all the kids as soon as they got here (he saw them on Saturday) but he didn't. Being Jammie Day kind of kept them busy. But finally Em and the Princess realized that the Hair was growing and let out some great laughter, and excitement!! It was worth the wait!!!

The Kozy Kids Greenhouse is doing great... but it seems the other Greenhouses are taking their time. I know this one took a while too, but I am afraid they aren't getting enough sunlight... especially now that we got a new awning out on the patio... even less light comes to that window. I think we will move them into the Living Room and see how they do there.

Hmmm, I wonder what these could be for??

Just a glimpse of what else was played with today... the Lock Box has had just about everything hidden and locked up.

Some rice in the Sensory Table... the smaller Sensory Table in the Sun room has sand in it. I think we might need some water going on this week too...

The Science Center has some neat stuff one of the kids brought back from a recent trip to the Beach. The kids got a kick out of the Seaweed, shells and the Pine Cone someone dropped in there. It didn't take long for a game of "What doesn't belong" to start.

I borrowed these little 2 piece puzzles from the Smart Start lending library!! I just love that place. Little Miss M was really engaged in this activity today, she didn't have a hard time with the Apple, but some of the others were a little harder, yet, she worked on them until she got them in. Some of the big kids helped, and she would call to me to come and sit with her and talk her through it. (I just loved it, she would call me, then point to the chair next to her and wait for me to sit down.)

Another nice day... we will continue our Mom Theme, and next week we will begin a week of "All Things Baby." The Princess is expecting a Baby Brother soon, and I thought it would be nice to practice feeding, changing, burping, holding, and singing to our babies. She will be a great helper no matter what, but I think it will be exciting to practice and get ready for the Little Man.


  1. I absolutely love that book! I get tears in my eyes almost every time I read it!

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