Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liquid Watercolors

I took out the water color paints the other day and I got this shot of our Princess inspecting her work. I just love it!
We usually just have out the Crayola Watercolor Paints that you get at the store, but on this day I poured some of the Discount School Supply's Colorations Liquid Watercolors. Wow... what a difference I saw in the kids. They were so interested in it.
Them: "What is it??" Me: "Watercolors."
Them: "What do you do with it?" Me: "You paint with it, like your other watercolors" {grin}
Them: "No, it's to wet." Me: "Yes, just dip your brush in and see" {giggle}
Them: "Shell, it won't come out on the paper." Me: "Just try it, I assure you, you will like it"
The walked around the table, looked at it, poked at it... I realized that I hadn't really let them use this kind of paint process before. I had only used the liquid watercolors to dye things, or I would add it to our water transferring work, but I hadn't let them actually paint with it!! I can only shake my head at myself sometimes :) They really thought it would be like painting with water and it wouldn't be a strong enough color. Boy were they surprised, and delighted to see the vibrant colors on their paper!!
Well, to say they liked it would be an understatement!!! They painted for a long time, hung all their papers to dry on the drying rack, painted some more, and only stopped when we realized there was no where else to dry their work. Then they had fun cleaning off the paint from the table. The watercolors would make their wash clothes very bright indeed, but what an amazement when it ALL washed out of the cloth in the sink. I think that was almost as much fun as the actual painting!!! I like this paint!!!
I have to remeber it for next year when I have Little Miss M and Little Miss O... I think it will be a very rewarding art experience for Toddlers. I also must remember to order more of it for next school year, because I think we will use it much more often!!!


  1. Hhhmmm....I haven't actually used it for just painting either. We have used it with droppers and coffee filters. I need to think about this one.
    FYI: It seems that every March, Discount School Supply sells the liquid watercolor for $1 a bottle. That's when I stock up!!!

  2. Hey! My name disappeared!!! However, I think I have it fixed now.

  3. I love liquid water colors. Sometimes I let the kids paint with them undiluted. They make beautiful pictures!

  4. It produces the best ever wrapping paper too!
    Donna :) :)

  5. We go through TONS of the stuff. We use it for all kinds of things: painting, spray painting, dying, in place of food coloring, inside, outside, you name it. And right now Discount School Supply has it on sale for $2.99 a bottle, which is sweet!

  6. Those are really great! They have silver and gold and they are so beautiful. I have put them in a squirt bottle and the kids sprayed it on finger paint paper (The slick kind). Parents started matting and framing was that beautiful!