Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bare Feet

The computer is still out of commission... but I think it is on the mend :) I miss it. I have some great photos of the kids playing "Babies" that I can't wait to post. A lot of wonderful little Mommies and Daddies in the making :)

Today we were outside before lunch and I was watching the kids play about the yard. They were all busy, talking, moving, and interacting. I watched as my son took his shoes off (which are probably still outside, by the way), threw his socks near his shoes in a pile and proceed to walk about in the grass. Was it a conscious decision to walk in the grass? It seemed not to be, it was like a detour. He walked in a small circle on the grass, then moved up to grab his truck and began running along the "truck path" they have made over the last month or so. But, it was also deliberate, as he had to walk out to the grass and back to the truck, which was up in the sand area. Watching him explore the grass in that split second, was amazing. The look on his face showed that he found what he was looking for. Maybe it was cool against his hot feet, or moist since it is very humid today. I am not sure, when I asked him, he looked at me like I was crazy and he had no idea he stopped what he was doing and took a jaunt in the grass :) Children amaze me everyday!!

My best friend comes to visit pretty much every day, and we were talking how important it is that the kids have the freedom to run and play in bare feet. The sensory experience a lone is amazing. Everyday the kids take their shoes off to play in the sand... I know everyone thinks it is because the sand will get in the shoe, but I really think it is that they KNOW if they take them off in the sandbox they won't have to worry about putting them back on until it is time to bring them inside, and even then they just carry them in. Plus, have you ever felt cool, wet sand between your toes on a hot day. Scrumptious!!!

We have some wee ones that don't like the feel of the concrete or even the grass on their little toes, and I respect that. We have everything from sandals to mud boots for the kids to choose to wear. I am partial to bare feet myself, but respect the sensory issues of each child. Though, I am a firm believer that given enough opportunity to run bare foot, a child will choose no shoes hands down to shoes.

That little action, watching my son take his shoe off, gave me a lot to think about. Made me grateful that I am here and he can take his shoes off and feel the grass on his toes... that I can give that experience to the other children as well. I always think about all the synapses going off in their brains with such a typically mundane thing, something I may have missed if I weren't watching today... I am sending him out into the world in the Fall... Kindergarten, new rules, new people, less freedom... Wow, going from taking shoes off to that dreaded bus ride to school (for me, not him)... not sure what's wrong with me today, maybe not enough sleep :)

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  1. Michelle I agree, there's nothing more delicious than cool sand beneath your feet on a warm day. Once our children remove their shoes they like to leave them off until it's time to go home. Some will pop them back on before they go inside but you always have those who stash them away out of sight! Donna :) :)